Tomorrow is Knit in Public Day and I hope that there will be lots of people in parks, on buses, in malls knitting. I made a knit bracelet in honor of the day. It is also great to have a day honoring crafters.

I have been one who has been seen knitting in public. When I rode buses I usually had a project with me. One time I was crocheting a poncho and was wearing it as I crocheted it at the Bellevue mall, ( got lots of comments and compliments). While knitting at the North Star Lodge waiting for my sisters chemo, I was always knitting and that was a conversation starter. It also got me invited to join the North Star Knitting group. You can find us on Facebook.

The bracelet is easy it is a cable forward. size 3 needles.

Cast on 8 stitches.

Knit 1 row,

1.  Sl first st purlwise,K1, P4, K2

2.  Sl first st purlwise, P1, slip kwise 2 sts to cable hook and hold in front, K2, K2from cable hook, P2

3.  Sl first st purlwise, K1, P4, K2

4.  Sl first st purlwise, P1, K4, P2

5.  Sl first st purlwise, K1, P4, K2

6.  Sl first st purlwise, P1, K4, P2

Repeat these six rows until desired length.


Sl first st purlwise, P2tog,P2,P2tog, K1

Sl first st purlwise, K4,P1

Sl first st purlwise, P2tog twice, K1

Sl first st purlwise, K2, P1

P2tog twice

K2tog, end

attach button to pointed end and crochet loop at cast on end and there you have my bracelet

Have fun.