It been a while . We have been on the road and I’ve been busy knitting titties for cancer patients. Actually I only knitted one the others wer crocheted. We (North Star Knitted) make many things for the cancer patients. That is why I designed the chemo hat. We also make things to raise money for mor yarn to keep the cabinet full. We made pink ribbons, knitting and crocheting for the Yakima Relay for Life a couple of weeks ago. Now we are making the for the Selah Relay. I guess they went over very well. The crochet pattern was on some online site. I do not know its address, but the knitted ones were out of my fingers. I used size 3 needles, cast on 40 sts. and garder stitch 5 rows, then bind off. Or cast on 5 sts, garder stitch for 6 inches and bind off. Or bind on 5 stitches and seed stitch for 6 inches. Then fold, tack together and sew a pin on the back. Then you have the ribbon. Very easy.

I also have completed the shell I was designing. I guess I have been putting off the writing but it will get done and posted.