Bamboo Stitch Hat inspired by the bamboo stitch presented on NewStitchaDay

cast on 81 stitches , join without twisting by k first and last sts together, pm after join.
K 6 rows of 1×1 rib (k1,p1 around)

Row 1: *yo, k2, pass yo over k2*; rep from * to m, sm
Row 2: k all sts

repeat these 2 rowsuntil piece measures 6” from beginning and last row knit on row 1
all decrease sts done on row 1

Hat Decreases
1: *ssk, k2tog, k12*; rep from * to m,sm (70 sts)
2: *yo, k2, pass yo over 2k sts; * rep. from * to m, sm
3: *ssk, k2tog, k10;* rep from * to m,sm (60 sts)
5. and all even rows repeat row 2 of decrease row
move to dp needles as needed
7. *ssk, k2tog, k8 ;* rep. from * to m, sm (50 sts)
9. *ssk, k2tog, k6; * rep from * to m, sm (40 sts)
11. * ssk, k2tog, k4; * rep from * to m, sm (30 sts)
13.* ssk, k2tog, k2 ;* rep from * to (20 sts)
15. k2tog across
cut yarn 6 to7 inches long, draw throught the 10 loops, pull tight and finish.

Created by Wendy Goldner

Materials used Yarn craftsmart

8 US/5mm size needle and set of same size double pointed needles

blunt darning needle and stitch marker

Techniques used

knit – k

Yarn over – yo

pass stitch over

Slip 2 stitches knitwise and knit together through front – ssk

knit 2 together – k2tog

marker – mDSCF2629

place marker – pm

slip marker = sl